Feb 28, 2011

Back in my Windows 7 Glory

Well, I fixed my computer issues and now have windows 7.  I'll do a full update tomorrow about some stories.  In the mean time, here's a video that Xit showed me, its some league "rap" which I found pretty entertaining.

Feb 22, 2011

Computer issues

My computer exploded today so I won't have an update today, tomorrow I should be back on schedule though.  Nothing like wiping your C drive for an afternoon.

Feb 21, 2011

It's like D-day in this bitch

Some of the ZeMo's started playing Rift and so I decided I'd give it a shot on the last day of the beta.  I hit level 14 in one day so that wasn't too bad.  I'm a veteran of WoW so I have a pretty good understanding of MMO's and how they work.  It was a pretty standard MMO experience until I got to Freemarch.

For those of you who have played WoW, imagine this.  You're questing in STV and suddenly you see a message, "Yohoho and a bottle of fuck you, pirates be attacking!" and the map gets flooded with pirates attacking cities and questing areas and everything.  This is what happens in Rift.  All the time.  The questing hub you're in will randomly get attacked and you and everyone there will have to band together to defend it.  It was a lot of fun.  I have not had that much fun in a MMO in a long time (probably since my H LK kills).

Xit Woundz took some screen shots so I'll show you some.

Each arrow is an invasion group.
I believe this is an invasion boss.
Me and Xit also did some PvP.  They have one "warfront" in the 10-19 bracket and I had a lot of fun.  There is a relic in the middle, holding this relic gives you points.  First to 500 points wins.  Kills also give you 2 points.  The closer you are to the center of the map, the more points the relic earns you.  This was one of the funner PvP scenarios I've done.  Holding the relic also deals increasing damage to you, so you can't hold it forever.  Another point to make is that PvP'ing also seemed to be a viable method to level.  I found this surprising and refreshing. 

I need a reason not to play this game when it comes out....

Feb 20, 2011

Poo Rocket

Sorry about the sluggish posts recently, I blame Cuddly.  Anyhow Cuddly, Pho, Reinhart and Xit Woundz all came over to my house last night and we played some games.  Took us awhile though, Cuddly brought his 360 but didn't bring his power cable, Reinhart didnt bring component cables and Xit and Pho took for fucking ever to show up.  When they did finally show up, Pho then forgot the power cable so Reinhart had to run home and get his.  So after like two fucking hours we finally started playing CoD and I had my computer upstairs so I was playing a game of League.

Back on track, once we finally started playing 360 they got in one game of BO and then were like "why are we even playing this."  So Pho downloaded Castle Crashers onto the 360 and we played that for like 4 hours and I gotta say, it is pretty damn fun.  We got to the point where there was some basic platforming and then either I'm the god king of space or they really suck at platforming.  Four tries and they still couldn't do it and we just gave up.  I mean come on, how hard is it to fucking time some alternating shit falling from the ceiling.  After that shit Cuddly just stayed over and we played my PS3 for like 5 hours.  How sad is it that I think DeathSpank is more entertaining of a game then FF13. 

Anyways, I'm just downloading Rift Beta now to play with Xit, Reinhart and Pho so we'll see where that leads. 

Feb 18, 2011

Come at me bro!

So Cuddly started reading the blog and he has been giving me ideas for posts and the latest one is the asshole streak we went on.  I can't remember where it came from but I started yelling out on vent "COME AT ME BRO" whenever someone tried to jump me in any game, be it LoL BF:BC2 or Halo Reach.

After a day of this Cuddly adopted his own version, yelling "GET AT ME BRO."  This devolved into some rather entertaining games of League where an enemy team would be talking shit and then Cuddly would start trying and bam! "GET AT ME BRO."

One thing I should point out about Cuddly, when he plays, its like he doesn't try or isn't paying attention unless something happens or he wants to try.  I remember one game we were playing he was AP Blitzcrank.  He was like 2/3/5 or something 40 minutes in the game and we were getting pretty close to losing and in vent Cuddly casually says "maybe I should try now."  10 minutes later the game was over, we had won and he finished around 15/3/9.

Anyways,  I had a point somewhere here I swear... Well this is what I get for writing a post when I'm not at my house.  I'll do one tomorrow that's a bit more coherent but I didn't want to leave you guys hanging today.

Feb 17, 2011

Gimme Something to Shoot

In my post about Void Rays I mentioned how I hated marines.  Well I found some screen shots which made me happy so I'll share them.  I think this was when I was playing random 3v3's and got put onto really really bad teams.  Keep in mind this was before the tank changes.

So my teammates had already fallen because they were stupid, I think one was mass marauders and the other was massing stalkers.  I decided I was just gonna go tanks because I mean shit, why not, they were overpowered as sin.  I was sitting in my base with a handful of tanks and some Thor's when this guy rolls up on me with a bunch of marines.  Now I'm not sure if he didn't know what was up that ramp but here is a slide show of what took place.

"What the hell was that...?"

"Oh god oh god oh god"


Heh, god damn marines.  Achievement Unlocked: Meatgrinder!

Feb 16, 2011

Slammin' the Warhammer

So I pointed out earlier that we had played Warhammer Online.  This was about a 2 month stint and I had a decent amount of fun.  The one problem was that whenever we weren't all online, we didn't have enough people to force a win on a bad team.  Oh and we had no one that wanted to heal.  I blame Pho for that part.  Who picks a fucking warrior priest and then goes the DPS build?  God damnit Pho.

I played Engineer and these guys were mean.  Maybe I was just really really good, but look at this picture.

That is me up there, we were Emo before ZeMo :p.  Anyways, if you take a look at this, I played a single target DPS spec and did 160k more damage then the next person, who was an AoE spec.  I also went 26-0, never dying.  I played the marksmen spec unlike everyone else who went grenadier and while grenadier could be good, if I chose you as marks, you were dying.

So what were the other guys doing?  Cuddly picked Witch hunter or something which was funny cause most of them sucked and yet he could keep up with me on kills.  Turoth played a Knight of the Blazing Sun and bitched endlessly about it.  Pho as I mentioned earlier picked a Warrior Priest and didn't want to heal, causing me to reroll rune priest for awhile.

Oh found another screenshot, this one is one of Cuddly's.

It was pretty fun, but the bugs and such just made it not worth playing.  We did smash though.

Feb 15, 2011

Successful Jungle

I know I just made another league blog but I've been wanting to talk about this since I made this blog.  One day me and Cuddly both really wanted to jungle (read: kill neutrals instead of laning against an opponent) and both of us are incredibly stubborn.  The problem is more then one jungle is problematic, there are only enough neutral monsters on one side of the river for one person.  So what we did was we took their jungle.  Short aside, that Penta kill screenshot is of a game where me and Cuddly were double jungling.

Anyhow, this really shouldn't have worked but it was the most hilarious thing I've done in awhile.  They would see the loading screen.  "Two potential junglers both having smite?  They must be noobs, this will be an easy game!" they must have thought.  The problem came when we started ruining the day of their jungler.  In the 4 games we did this, we got first blood every single game.  We completely dominated the early game laning phase.  The entire enemy team feared to leave there towers against a method that wasn't viable in the slightest.

All of this was made better by the fact that every single team felt the need to point out how stupid we were at the beginning of the game.  Every single one of them insulted our double jungle strategy and they all fell victim to the might of the ZeMo.  Never underestimate a stupid strategy when its being used against stupid people.

Lastly, sadly its midterms for most of the ZeMo's so the gaming sessions have been cut back lately so the influx of new stories is low, but I will find stuff from the past and talk about it,  I think I have some Warhammer screenshots lying around....

Feb 14, 2011

CAVJ Away!

If you have played the new multi-player maps in BF:BC2 the odds are you may have seen a CAVJ (we pronounce it Cav Jay, though I'm sure this is incorrect) cruising around.
Featuring the brand new PEG (Penis Extension Gun)

So essentially its a grenade launcher warthog except for the person in the passenger seat has a machine gun (read: PEG) and there are four seats, one of which is just a pure transportation seat.  Normally these are not a big threat, explosives get rid of them fairly quickly and they are used more for getting from point A to point B.  We vowed to change this.

Hopping into on, I was driving, NoQuarter, one of Cuddly's friends was on the grenade launcher and Cuddly was manning the PEG and we set off into the sunset.  On the way to the sunset we ran into a fucking T-90 MBT that started shooting at us and we decided that son of a bitch needed to die.  So we quickly closed the distance and NoQuarter started pelting it with grenades while Cuddly decided the vehicle wasn't shaking enough so he just fired at the tank with the PEG.  As a quick aside, when that gun is firing, the entire vehicle shakes uncontrollably and it is the most distracting and hilarious thing ever.  I thought we were going to die instantly but once we got close the the tank, the battle was won,  the tank could not turn its barrel fast enough to shoot us.  It takes about 4-5 clips of grenades to take down a healthy MBT, which translates to roughly 30 seconds of dodging lethal tank shots.  The battle won, the tank lying in a heap of flaming metal, we moved on with a mission.

We would hunt down tanks and make them our bitch.  And we did, boy did we kick ass.  Once I got used to dodging the initial shots of a tank and learning the art of "coming from behind" we were unstoppable.  Averaging 8 tank kills a game is pretty impressive I'd say.

As a last note, I've decided that I am going to make a second blog discussing purely League of Legends, so if you're interested in that, go to my profile and check it out.  I'm going to start putting on content on that blog sometime tomorrow.  I will probably still have League related stories here but I just felt like I wanted to talk more about the game and less about us playing it.

Slicing up some CoD

Last month Cuddly and Pho came over my house to play some CoD: BO on 360.  I also brought my computer up so that we had someone playing league and two people playing BO.  Xit Woundz and Reinhart showed up a bit later and we gamed until 3 am.

During this, I learned some things that I never really noticed before.  The first being that BO is really fun on console even if you really suck at it like I do.  I also learned that I play at a much higher mouse sensitivity then most of my friends.  Cuddly and I started on BO and Pho started a game of League playing Vlad and all I heard the entire game was him bitching and complaining about how he couldn't control my mouse and he completely fucked my settings backwards.  When I went back to my computer I moved my mouse and it was so unresponsive and slow I couldn't believe anyone could play like that.

BO has this odd effect on me.  Maybe its the gameplay it promotes but I die A LOT.  In most games I play I die very little because I am rather conservative, but you in BO I just run around looking for people and everyone camps.  This caused a few rages on my part.  At one point I had to just walk away because we tried hardcore and it was just absolutely retarded.  All these fucking douchebags sitting in corners just waiting for you to just run in one spot and fucking gun you down.  God I hate people like that.  I would have lost every game if Cuddly hadn't have gone carry mode and gone 25-2 every single game.