Feb 17, 2011

Gimme Something to Shoot

In my post about Void Rays I mentioned how I hated marines.  Well I found some screen shots which made me happy so I'll share them.  I think this was when I was playing random 3v3's and got put onto really really bad teams.  Keep in mind this was before the tank changes.

So my teammates had already fallen because they were stupid, I think one was mass marauders and the other was massing stalkers.  I decided I was just gonna go tanks because I mean shit, why not, they were overpowered as sin.  I was sitting in my base with a handful of tanks and some Thor's when this guy rolls up on me with a bunch of marines.  Now I'm not sure if he didn't know what was up that ramp but here is a slide show of what took place.

"What the hell was that...?"

"Oh god oh god oh god"


Heh, god damn marines.  Achievement Unlocked: Meatgrinder!


  1. Congratz on unlocking meatgrinder!

  2. haha wow, you should've recorded a vid

  3. Nice achievement, it sounds brutal.

  4. Just marines? That's what happens with no diversification.

  5. Rofl nice one, I laughed.

    I guess they nerfed tanks then.

  6. I loooooooove marines. It's hilarious to win like that.