Feb 20, 2011

Poo Rocket

Sorry about the sluggish posts recently, I blame Cuddly.  Anyhow Cuddly, Pho, Reinhart and Xit Woundz all came over to my house last night and we played some games.  Took us awhile though, Cuddly brought his 360 but didn't bring his power cable, Reinhart didnt bring component cables and Xit and Pho took for fucking ever to show up.  When they did finally show up, Pho then forgot the power cable so Reinhart had to run home and get his.  So after like two fucking hours we finally started playing CoD and I had my computer upstairs so I was playing a game of League.

Back on track, once we finally started playing 360 they got in one game of BO and then were like "why are we even playing this."  So Pho downloaded Castle Crashers onto the 360 and we played that for like 4 hours and I gotta say, it is pretty damn fun.  We got to the point where there was some basic platforming and then either I'm the god king of space or they really suck at platforming.  Four tries and they still couldn't do it and we just gave up.  I mean come on, how hard is it to fucking time some alternating shit falling from the ceiling.  After that shit Cuddly just stayed over and we played my PS3 for like 5 hours.  How sad is it that I think DeathSpank is more entertaining of a game then FF13. 

Anyways, I'm just downloading Rift Beta now to play with Xit, Reinhart and Pho so we'll see where that leads. 

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  1. Yea Castle Crashers is so cash man. Played it 6 hours straight with my bro.