Feb 12, 2011

Busy busy busy

Sigh, sorry about no second post yesterday and the short post today, I've been very busy recently and until Sunday night I'll continue to be busy but I'll try and make time to get a second post out tonight about some Starcraft 2 fun we had awhile ago and maybe some Black Ops stories too since I haven't talked about that. 

I took a picture of my Quadra Kill with Veigar last night but apparently it didn't save so here is a picture of my only Penta Kill ever instead.

As an aside, I finished 8/8.
See you later tonight (hopefully)!


  1. Looking forward to some SC2 posts! I need to get back into multiplayer on that game.

  2. Looking forward to hearing some great stories! And if you're busy you don't need to apologize!

  3. yeah good that you are back, looking forward for new infos about the games you are playing

  4. looks a little childish but looks so fun. i wanna see some sc2 posts too!

  5. congratulations on the penta kill, that must have taken some serious skill. new follower


  6. Don't apologize! I am sure being busy has gotten you lots of new content to post up on your blog once you get the time. Congrats on the penta kill!