Feb 18, 2011

Come at me bro!

So Cuddly started reading the blog and he has been giving me ideas for posts and the latest one is the asshole streak we went on.  I can't remember where it came from but I started yelling out on vent "COME AT ME BRO" whenever someone tried to jump me in any game, be it LoL BF:BC2 or Halo Reach.

After a day of this Cuddly adopted his own version, yelling "GET AT ME BRO."  This devolved into some rather entertaining games of League where an enemy team would be talking shit and then Cuddly would start trying and bam! "GET AT ME BRO."

One thing I should point out about Cuddly, when he plays, its like he doesn't try or isn't paying attention unless something happens or he wants to try.  I remember one game we were playing he was AP Blitzcrank.  He was like 2/3/5 or something 40 minutes in the game and we were getting pretty close to losing and in vent Cuddly casually says "maybe I should try now."  10 minutes later the game was over, we had won and he finished around 15/3/9.

Anyways,  I had a point somewhere here I swear... Well this is what I get for writing a post when I'm not at my house.  I'll do one tomorrow that's a bit more coherent but I didn't want to leave you guys hanging today.


  1. I used to have that on macro for some of the MMO's I played. It's perfect with a /taunt.

  2. Haha i played like this when i played MOBA games ... sometimes its more fun to be loose and enjoy your self and not be too serious

  3. Its from Jersey Shore, the 'Come at me, Bro' just in case you were wondering.

  4. GET AT ME BRO? lol, nice variation