Feb 8, 2011

So who are we?

Me and my friends have been gaming together for awhile and there is one thing we noticed in every game we play.  People are bad.  From League to CoD, DotA to BC2, bad players are everywhere.  We also noticed that there is nothing more fun then walking over a team of bads.  Unfortunately, since all the games we just listed are team games, we have to play with bads too and all these terrible players have turned us into a spiteful group of people.  Take my lizard buff?  I will abandon your ass in the next fight we get into.  Tell me to stop using an overpowered gun?  I will run around the map killing you with smoke grenades.

And I'm not even the most spiteful.  Turoth and Cuddly are far worse.  You tell Turoth to get out of your lane and he will not leave the entire game.  Kill Cuddly for a first blood because he was being stupid?  He will hunt you down the entire game and b-line it for you every single team fight.

I may be spiteful, but I hate losing because my team is retarded.  If it's a close game and we lose, so be it, they may have out played us or out comped us or something, but if I lose cause Jethro wanted to build attack Mundo, you bet I'm going to be in a shit mood.

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